Preparing your home ahead of an inclement weather event can only go so far. Weather is incredibly unpredictable and it’s important to understand that you aren’t alone in the aftermath of a severe storm. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at what every homeowner should know about the post-storm water restoration process.

Water Restoration Needs to Happen Immediately

Repairing water damage quickly will greatly reduce the cost and time required to complete the restoration process. This is true because the longer water damage is left to sit, the worse it’s going to get. As soon as you know that standing water exists inside your home, it’s essential to get it out completely. Any form of moisture left unattended can lead to mold or mildew damage which gets even more expensive to repair. We’ll take a deeper look at mold next.

Mold Damage Can Be Hard to Remove

As we’ve discussed above, leaving standing water inside your home can be dangerous. The most pressing reason to get it handled is to minimize mold growth. Any moisture that’s left standing can build mold spores in as little as 24-48 hours. The dangerous truth about mold is that it spreads easily through the air and it can hide in hard to reach places. When you work quickly to remove other signs of water damage, a trained restoration expert can test for mold and design a custom plan to get rid of it.

Water Restoration Also Means the Rest of Your Home

While the primary focus of your restoration project may be on water and mold remediation, it’s important to take note of the other areas of your home that need attention. To achieve this, an expert water remediation team will take a complete look at your home, inside out, to observe any potential issues. The professionals at Dryman Construction will take a close look at every square inch of your home. From the shingles to the foundation, we want to send you back home to a safe and secure place.

Dryman Construction: The Dream Team to Call After the Storm

Now that you’ve learned about the water restoration process, it’s time to know more about Dryman Construction. Our team of IICRC-certified professionals have been handling complicated water, mold, and other structural restorations for your friends and neighbors for years. When you need post-storm help, contact us right away!