This is the story from a client about repairing damage done to his house by a storm. He told me that he had been having a lot of storms lately in his neighborhood. Some of them quite severe.

Hone Damaging StormOne so severe that trees were knocked down, branches were broken, and leaves, nuts and more branches were shredded all over the yard. He even lost power for a couple of days. As the power was restored and the debris removed he saw that a few neighbors had some storm damage to their homes from branches and hail. He never knew that he had storm damage too, until the next big storm.

A couple of months with dry weather later, everything seemed just fine. One week when he was out of town a really big storm rolled in…a barn buster of storm. His neighbors said they’ve never even seen a storm like that before. Never seen so much rain come down, it must have rained for 4 days straight.

When he returned he noticed that the living room and upstairs ceilings looked like they had water damage. As he continued inspecting the house he discovered several other areas where it looked like water had run down the walls and dried up leaving residue and damaging the wallpaper. That was when he decided it was time to have the roof inspected.

He started by talking to neighbors who got their roofs replaced or repaired. The first thing he learned was not to call the insurance company first thing and place a claim. The best thing, they suggested ways to get a free roof inspection either from a roofing company or an insurance loss specialist.

He asked a couple of his neighbors if they would refer the company they worked with. One neighbor said his roofing guy was heading down to Florida to repair hurricane-damaged roofs, several of my neighbors received lump-sum payments from their insurance company then and chose the lowest bidder. And it turned out they were kind of a fly-by-night companies with no insurance, license, or in-house roofing crews. One of his neighbors told me that the contractor he was working with just went down to the local Home Depot early in the morning and rounded up guys to work on their roof. .

He found Dryman Construction Group online. He told me that since we were a legitimate company in business for a while, locally owned and operated, specializing in Storm Damage repairs and services.  Since we were licensed and insured, with A+ BBB ratings he decided to give us call and schedule a free storm damage inspection.

See the pictures below to see what our team found. He has roof, gutter, deck, ceiling, wall and window damage from the storm. He agreed to have Dryman Construction Group represent him during the inspection. We left him a checklist of things to do and our company’s qualification packet.

Next step: The Insurance Adjuster’s Inspection.