When it comes to potential storm damage, we have good news and bad news. The good news is that your roof was designed to be sturdy. Roofing manufacturers design their products while keeping storms, wind, and other emergencies in mind. 

The bad news is that your roof may still face damage. If your home isn’t quite new or if an extra powerful storm shows up, then your roof could have unseen damage. 

Keep reading to see more about roofing damage, the sources of that damage, and what you can do about it. 

Sources of Storm Damage 

Storm damage doesn’t just come from one source. That damage can come from several things at once. 

For example, there’s wind damage. Wind damage can blow shingles off of your roof, leaving it vulnerable to even more damage. Even when the shingles aren’t missing, wind can loosen those shingles, making them less waterproof than before. As a result, you may see leaks inside your house. 

Next, there’s tree branch damage. A storm can send a tree branch crashing into your roof, whether that branch came from your own yard or from far away. Depending on the severity of the storm, you may get damage from other debris as well. 

Hail damage can also impact your roof. Hail makes cracks and indents that can weaken your roof over time. 

Signs of Storm Damage 

Without a professional eye, it can be hard to tell whether or not your roof has storm damage. When you check, here are some signs that you can look for. 

  • Cracks 
  • Shadows around some, but not all, shingles 
  • Leaks inside your house 
  • Roofing material on the ground surrounding the house 
  • Dark patches where shingles may have blown off or sustained damage 
  • Hail damage to surrounding cars (the indents can be hard to spot on your roof) 
  • Leftover debris 

How to Check Safely 

Don’t put yourself in danger to look at your roof, even if you’re checking for damage. The best way to check is from a distance. For example, do you have some binoculars that you could use? You can also look at parts of your roof from upper-level windows while staying indoors. 

Let Dryman Reconstruction Help 

If your roof does have damage, let Dryman Reconstruction help. Our construction team specializes in roofing services, and we’re ready to help your home recover from storm damage. 

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