The roof of your home is the most important defense in bearing the brunt of the forces of Mother Nature. It takes all sorts of punishment, from high winds and freezing temperatures to the sun beating down on it. Many people don’t see the need for a roof inspection until there are signs of damage, such as a leak or missing shingles. There is so much more potential damage that our roofs suffer that isn’t always visible to the untrained eye. Read on to learn the importance of a roofing inspection and why you need one regularly.

A Roofing Inspection Can See What You Can’t

Most of us don’t make a habit of climbing on top of our roof. Unless there is damage that you can see with the naked eye, chances are there there is damage that you don’t notice. A routine inspection can see problems and fix them before they can cause damage that will be more expensive to repair.

Spend a Little, Save a Lot

Roofing inspections are not usually on a homeowner’s to-do list. That is – until they notice a leak in the attic or a bad storm blew in, causing the damage. A professional roof inspection can see so much more than that! They can see if you have any pest problems on the roof that you can’t see. They can identify any sort of growth, such as moss, and help your gutters stay clear when it rains. Clearing the gutters keeps them from flooding your lawn and causing other problems. These things sound minor, but you can save money by getting them identified and fixed early. It’s much easier than having to replace a portion of your roof and dealing with water damage in your home.

Save on Utility Bills

Your roof protects your home from the elements. Anything that affects your roof will also impact the insulation, which can cause you to run the heater or A/C more. Besides a higher utility bill, the extra amount of work your heating and cooling unit has to do will amount to extra maintenance down the line.

A Roofing Inspection Can Help with Insurance Claims

Scheduling a routine roofing inspection will protect your home in the event of a disaster. When you have to file an insurance claim, you can use the evidence from the inspection to disprove any doubts from your insurance company. This will also show the general health of your roof, which will help during the insurance claims process. 

Exposing Fire Hazards

Did you know that every roof has a fire rating? This rating is affected by the materials used and the age of your home. A fire hazard on your roof could be something like improper insulation around a vent pipe, debris, or some flammable material in your chimney. Even a small leak in the roof could cause water to leak onto exposed wires and cause a short, which could lead to a fire. A roofing inspection can identify these problems before they become a hazard.

While it’s common for many home improvement jobs to be DIY, your roof should be left to the professionals. If it’s not taken care of quickly and correctly, even a small problem could do a lot of damage to your home. At Dryman Construction, we know what to look for and how to fix any problems that your roof has. We have over 70 years of restoration and insurance loss experience, and we will treat your home like our home. Check out what we do and how we can help here.