Storm Claims – FAQ

Here is some general information and answers to common questions people ask after a loss when they are dealing with an insurance company or adjuster. Rules and procedures vary state-to-state and company-to-company.


What if I can’t live in my home? If your policy covers additional living expenses and if your home is uninhabitable for a covered loss, your insurance company should reimburse you for reasonable increased cost needed to maintain your normal standard of living. These expenses might include Hotel bills, restaurant meals (if you cannot prepare meals in your home), etc. Please check your policy or call your insurance agent for details on what expenses are covered.

What if my vehicle isn’t drivable? If your policy provides rental reimburses coverage you should work with your insurance company to help you set up the rental vehicle while your claim is being evaluated and vehicle repairs or Replacements are finalized. Payment is subject to the limits on your policy you should ask your agent for more information.

When will someone inspect my damages? A claims representative from your insurance should contact you after you call to make a claim. First thing they will do is to determine if the inspection is needed or if you’re lost can be settled by phone. If an inspection is needed the adjuster will make arrangements with you as soon as possible. If the damage was caused by a large storm of it, it might take longer for them to get ahold of you. Most insurance companies tried to schedule those who have the most serious damage first.

Can I repair any damage before someone inspect my property? Most policies require you to protect your property sustaining any additional damage from a covered loss. Your policy will pay for reasonable cost you and incur to temporarily repair covered property to protect it from additional damage. Save your receipts for any reasonable and necessary temporary or emergency repairs and take photos if possible!

Should I get an estimate from a contractor? Unless specifically requested by your claims representative you don’t need to get an estimate prior to an insurance inspection. Your claims representative will prepare an estimate for the damages covered by your policy and provide you with a copy if you do want to work with a contractor be sure they are properly licensed and reputable.

What if my contractor’s estimate is higher than the insurance claim representative’s?Most estimates are used using software platforms like exactly that are based on geographical Market rates using similar kind cereals. You will need to provide a copy of the insurance estimator to a contractor so he or she can determine any differences and conquer your insurance claims representative if needed. In many instances since they can resolve the differences over the phone.

Why is there depreciation shown on the estimate question Your estimate may include appreciate items and materials being replaced to reflect their current age,, market value. Your policy has replacement cost coverage you can make a claim to recover the depreciation within 180 days of the loss for expenses you have incurred in performing those repairs up to the estimated replacement cost on your estimate.

How do I recover my depreciation? You will need to mail, email or fax your insurance claims representative or the agent with an invoice, eats, demonstrate your expense incurred for the completed repair. Upon receipt your insurance company can make payments for the eligible expenses not to exceed the replacement cost outlined in your insurance company’s estimate.

What if I cannot make repairs within 180 days for the replacement cost recovery?Contact your insurance claims representative to agree on a reasonable extension of time to complete your repairs and recover eligible depreciation.

Why is my mortgage company or lien holder listed on my payment? Mortgages in lien holders are often named in insurance policies, and most require that their name be listed bitcoin payments to protect their interest in your property. You’ll need to contact them to find out how they handle their endorsement on your insurance claim payment. If you if you’ve recently paid off your loan, notify your insurance agent to have the mortgage company or lien holder removed from your policy.

How does the policy deductible work? Most insurance policies include deductibles that reflect the part of the covered loss you must pay in most cases, the ductable along with the insurance money you received from your insurance company. Repair contra after the repairs are completed.

What if I have damage to any personal property? If your claim involves personal property and your property provides coverage make a list of all your damaged items to give to your insurance claims representative. Be sure to include as much detail about the items as you can, what is the manufacturer’s name and model number, or age of each item, price paid, better up. Awesome indicate whether the item can be repaired. Your insurance claims representatives and provide you with an inventory for most likely, if needed.

What if additional damage is found during the repair process?Contact your insurance claims representative immediately so they can determine if your policy provides coverage for any additional damages. And if an additional inspection is required or warranted.

Will my insurance benefit increase because of this claim?Every state has different guidelines for changes on premiums These guidelines along with your prior claim history and other specific factors, determine if a claim will affect your premiums. Check with your insert insurance agent to determine your specific situation.