Severe weather events are the most common causes of structural damage to homes around the country. If your home becomes damaged, the idea of undertaking the repair process is probably a stressful one. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at the four steps you can expect to take during the insurance repairs process.

Insurance Repairs Step #1: Immediately Look for and Document Storm Damage

The first step in the repairs process involves understanding the level of damage that has occurred. Use caution when doing this step–be sure that the danger has subsided and you can safely walk around your home. As you observe potential issues, document them carefully by taking photographs and making detailed notes. These will be helpful as you begin the claims process.

Insurance Repairs Step #2: Contact Your Insurance Company to Start the Claims Process

The second stage in the repairs process requires interaction with your insurance company. The claims process will be different with each insurer but chances are you will need to provide the notes and photos you took during your walk-through. The company may also send an independent inspector to survey the damage. Be aware that the claims process may take a while, especially if your community was badly hit by a serious weather event. Do your best to be patient and wait for your insurance company to provide more information before moving forward.

Insurance Repairs Step #3: Research Local Contractors and Gather Estimates

The third step in the repairs process will take place once you have received approval from your insurance company. While your insurer may have recommended contractors, it is ultimately your decision. It’s important to gather as much information about potential repair companies before agreeing to have the work done. Insist on detailed estimates that give you the most realistic costs–especially if you will be paying out of pocket for some of the work  Consider multiple companies to verify that you are receiving the best possible offers.

Insurance Repairs Step #4: Use Your Gut to Hire the Best Repairs Specialist

The fourth stage in the repairs process involves determining exactly who to hire to repair your home. Don’t take this stage lightly. Use all resources available at your disposal–including friends, family, and review websites. Dig in and determine who best fits your needs and expectations. Be sure to hire licensed and reputable contractors to receive the best level of protection for your home.

Dryman Construction: Your Insurance Repairs Professionals

Now that you’ve learned more about insurance repairs, it’s time to consider the right professionals to do the job. The team at Dryman Construction will provide an excellent experience from start to finish. When you need home repairs, contact us and get the work done well the first time.