If your home has fallen victim to serious damage, you might be in the market to learn more about using insurance to repair the problems. Unfortunately, the process of undergoing an insurance loss consultation is just the beginning. In today’s blog post, we will explain what you can expect as you start the repair process. At Dryman, we will provide amazing care.

Insurance Loss Consultation Step #1: Assess Problems Quickly

No matter the type of damage, the first step in the process is to determine what damage has occurred. While your first instinct might be to contact your insurance company, it’s often better to find a restoration company that can assist with the insurance approval process. Therefore, the team at Dryman Construction will arrive promptly. We will document the damage in a variety of ways. Whether we’re providing written reports or sharing photographs, we will do what we can to assist.

Step #2: Submit Claims and Wait

Once the consultation has taken place, your contractor should provide any necessary documents required by your insurer. If your contractor works regularly with insurance companies, they will understand what is required and how to assist. Once the claim has been satisfied, the contractor will receive approval to complete the necessary repairs. If your claim pertains to a total loss, an adjuster from your insurance company will reach out. We will do what we can to assist all parties.

Insurance Loss Consultation Step #3: Repair or Replacement

The final step of the insurance loss process depends on the outcome of the claim. If your home has been declared a total loss, we will work with your insurance and mortgage companies to determine what documents are required. From this stage on, you are working with those companies exclusively. If your home can be repaired, this is easier. Contractors will handle the heavy lifting quickly and safely. Therefore, the goal is to get you back home as quickly as possible.

Dryman Construction: Insurance Loss Inspections Made Simple

No matter the outcome of the inspection and insurance claim process, Dryman Construction will do what we can to assist you. Experiencing damage and loss is never easy, but we strive to make the inspection process as simple as possible. It doesn’t matter the type of damage involved. We arrive promptly and give you all of our energy. Don’t wait–Contact us today. We will bring the best work possible.